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Polylana® unlocks new potential in fiber creation with reduced environmental impact and enhanced performance capabilities.

Savings YTD 16,685,853 Liters of Water

Equals 6.7 olympic size swimming pools

Believe in Progress

Polylana® is made from a mixture of virgin and recycled materials to create an innovative fiber with characteristics like acrylic and wool.

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Polylana® is a low-impact alternative to acrylic and wool with less energy, water, waste, CO2 and microfiber release. Not just different, but better.

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Less Energy

76% Less Energy

Less Water

82% Less Water

Less Waste

76% Less Waste

Less CO2

19% Less CO2

Less Fiber Release

32% Less Fiber Release

Believe in Innovation

  • Our process begins with customized Polylana® pellets.
  • rPET flakes from plastic bottles are mixed with Polylana® pellets.
  • Proprietary blend Polylana® fiber is created.
  • Fiber is produced and spun into Polylana® yarns.
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  • "Polylana Yarn is an easy switch for any designers and product managers working acrylic and wool knits. An even easier switch for product sustainability leaders"

    Isaac Nichelson – Sustainable Fashion Innovator
    Los Angeles, California, USA
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